Book Review: The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

Arc received from the publisher via Net Galley, all thoughts are my own

5 stars

I want to give this book all the stars. I haven’t read anything from Jenn Bennett before, but now I want to see what else she has written. I picked this from Net Galley on a whim. Just from the synopsis, I was intrigued and I love a good Vlad Dracula story. I’m also a sucker for a traveling adventure. Like all books, I like to go in open and just see where it takes me and boy did this story give me all the feels.

We have Theodora Fox, an adventurer’s daughter. I love her and was so pleased with her development throughout the story. She loves all things haunted and crossword puzzles. Now I suck at crossword puzzles, but I love haunted things, so she got me there. She is so full of sass and I love it, with lines like “Me little woman, cover up skeleton so big man doesn’t get scared.”, just left me chucking to myself.

Next, we have Huxley Gallagher aka Huck. Huck is our love interest, he is also Theo’s childhood best friend turn crush. No spoiler there since it is pretty obvious right off the bat when you first meet Huck. Now there is a ton of angst between these characters, loads of unspoken things. If that is your thing, you’ll love it. I’m a sucker for angst so I ate it up.

What else am I sucker for? Secret societies. I love when secret societies are involved, and our secret society in Societas Draconistraum, aka the Order of the Dragon. Of course, the Order is the bad guy/villain of the story. They play a key part in why Theo has to go on this unplanned and dangerous adventure to rescue her father. There is an artifact that Theo’s dad was asked to find, the war ring of Vlad Dracula (by the way I would want this ring, too much bad juju.

The places they go on this adventure are so dark and gothic (another thing I love). Bennett just made me feel like on was right there with her characters. I think that may because I got major Mummy vibes. The Mummy with Brandon Frasier is one of my all-time favorite movies. That feeling is what really played a role in me loving this story. I’m trying to think if there was anything I didn’t like about this story, but there isn’t anything. Even the ending was satisfying. I highly recommend this for anyone that loves an adventure story full of conspiracies and angst.

It was just released, so go run out and get it now. Happy reading!!!


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