The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

This was my first read from Sally Green, it’s also one that I hadn’t heard much about before picking up. I have had this on my shelves for a minute and remember it being an impulse buy. I can say that I don’t regret buying it. 

I’m not one to mark quotes but there is a line in the first chapter that stuck with me and really got me interested in the story.

“No, this is a figment of your imagination and I’ve been sitting on my are all day eating honey.” – Tash

The story is set up with different POVs. Now I love when I can get different sides of a story and following multiple POVs is not difficult for me. Even if you don’t like multiple POVs I still would recommend TST. Sally Green’s writing is easy enough to follow and moves pretty quickly.

For TST we have 5 different POVs, Tash, Catherine, Ambrose, March, and Edyon. We first meet Tash who is a smoke thief and works with Gravell. We have Catherine is the princess of Calidor and is set to marry Prince Tzsyan. She is also sort of in love with her guard Ambrose. Ambrose is the son of an important lord and Catherine’s guard. He is sort of the typical hero figure in my eyes. He isn’t my favorite character out of the bunch. March is the servant of Prince Thelonius, he was taken as a child and forced into it. His people the Abask have been nearly ripped out and he is looking for revenge towards Thelonius. Enters Edyon, who is Thelonius’s bastard son. Edyon doesn’t know that of course. He is also very interested in March, I love a little gay romance. Now it doesn’t evolve much in TST but I hope that it does in the next one. Those are our main POV and you see how they are all connected in the overall story.

Besides our main POVs, we also have a host of side characters that are evil and conniving in a different way. The only side character I didn’t mind was Gravell. He had bought Tash as a child and trained her to be a smoke thieve. Sure he is a bad influence and it’s pretty shitty that he bought Tash, but he is written in a way that you can tell that he cares for her like his own daughter. Tash also cares for him and even though they are considered criminals, her life is better than what it could have been with awful parents. Another side character that I loved was Ambrose’s older brother. He shows up like you want from an older brother and backs up Ambrose in whatever way he can. We have Boris who is awful and I could without him. Prince Tzsyan is a character I feel has the potential to be a really good character and I’m intrigued to see how he evolves. Now our bad guy of the whole thing is King Aloysius, who is Catherine’s father. He is not a good guy. He is power hungry and just wants to pillage and rule over everything with an iron fist. I will say that Green is pretty good at writing characters that you are supposed to like and ones that you aren’t. 

I’m intrigued by the demons and wanted a little more about them. For me, there wasn’t enough information on them beside their smoke and what it could do. They are these humanoid creatures and the color of their smoke seems to classify their type. I’m hoping with the next book that there is more background on the demons.  I could always go for more demons and I hope in the next book that there is more understanding of them.

Overall I enjoyed this and look forward to what is to come next.


2 thoughts on “The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

  1. The opinions about this book are all over the place haha. Personally I really liked it as well! And cannot wait till the sequel 🙂



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