100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

Arc received from the publisher via Net Galley, all thoughts are my own

Genre: Contemporary 

Release date: August 7, 2019

Rating: 4 stars

100 Days of Sunlight is a story of overcoming yourself and the healing that comes with it. We have Tessa, who is temporarily blind because of a car accident. We have Weston who is an amputee from the knees down. This story is about how disability does not define a person. It is about how disability does not have one face. This story is also a love story, it is also a quick read for when you need a breather. Like I did from all the fantasy I’ve been reading. I inhaled this read. It had the perfect amount of swoon-worthy bits but also had real parts. Emmons doesn’t hide the hard parts of having a disability. I really felt for Tessa and the struggle of being blind, when you have already experienced the world as a sighted person.

What I loved most of the story was how it was laid out. The chapters are broken down in days and with flashbacks for Weston, so the reader can see the struggle that he had to go through in the beginning. I love those bits because you first meet Weston when he has already done the majority of the leg work to get to where he is. The leg work that he has already put in, is what always him to be able to help Tessa get through her struggles.

When it comes to writing, I really enjoyed the flow. Tessa is a poet and I feel that lends really well to the story. There is a real poetic flow that really moves the story. This I feel is what really helped hooked me and moved quickly. The story is written with clear markers, that for me helped. With everything clear, I stayed within the story and didn’t feel like I was all over the place. The overall story just warmed my heart and was a perfect breather from all the fantasy. I would totally recommend to pick this up when it comes out. I liked that disability is a focus because I feel that it is not something that a lot of stories are focusing on. I also love the strong family ties this story has, I adore Tessa’s grandparent and Weston’s brothers. I would have definitely loved more of the brothers and seeing that dynamic.

Happy Reading!!!


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