The World of Caraval box from Owlcrate


I love an unboxing and this special edition Owlcrate box for Finale by Stephanie Garber is chocked full of amazing things. Now Owlcrate is the only special edition box that I go far, mainly because its much more affordable for me and shipping doesn’t cost me my soul. So I can’t compare it to other boxes, but I still think the Owlcrate team puts a lot of thought into their boxes, both special and regular subscription boxes. When I found out that they were doing one for Finale I knew I had to get my hands on it, I first read Caraval when it was included in a past Owlcrate box. I’m currently rereading it now and loving it even more than the first time I read it. I’ll be hoping right into Legendary, which I have yet to read yet (I know how is that possible, there is just so many books and not enough time). Anyways lets get into this unboxing.

Let’s first talk about this gorgeous deck of cards inspired by the deck of destiny. I’m so obsessed with these that I don’t ever see myself actually using as playing cards, but they make great props for my Instagram. Also the character art is just amazing, they were done by Nicole Deal, Gina Hilton, Salome Totladze, Diana Dworak. Then Michelle Gray packaging and the actual cards. I’m so obsessed wither that I have already used them for upcoming photos. No One will be able to use them as actual playing cards they are just too stunning.

A gorgeous book tin was included, it was designed by Stella Bookish Art. I has three quotes from each of the books. They included a similar tin in the Wicked King special edition box and I find them so useful. I currently use them to store all my magnetic bookmarks. They also just look so good on my shelves. 

Without even opening the box I could smell that something amazing was included. One being a shower steamer from Leeloo Soap, the smell is strawberry dipped in pink sugar. When I first smelled it I instantly thought Cabbage Patch Kids. If you’ve ever had one you know that smell. I’ve already started using this and it just makes my showers smell so good. My love for candle is unreal and Owlcrate has been killing it with these smells. They included a beautiful candle from Rose and Adder, it smells like citrus and sea salt. I’ve already started burning it, while at the same time trying not to use it too much so I don’t go through it too quickly. I also how they are including generous sizes for these candles in their special edition boxes.

A girl loves a tote and with more and more stores banning plastic bags (which is great) carrying extra tote bags is very useful. This one was designed by Evie Bookish. A pillowcase was also included that was designed by Catarina Book Designs There was also more incredible art prints from Melanie Bourgeois. These prints of Scarlett and Julian and Donatella and Legend are just stunning. I’m planning on changing up my gallery wall and I plan on adding these for sure.  And of course we have an enamel pin included, which was designed by Alchemy and Ink. I just love their pins and its a welcomed addition to my growing collection.

Now the inspiration for the whole box, Finale by Stephanie Garber. I won’t be including a synopsis because you know spoiler. How nice though is the exclusive Owlcrate. I personally love the original cover with the purple, since purple is Since I’m rereading Caraval in prep for Legendary and Finale, I have high hopes and I’m excited to see where this world goes.

What did you think about the World of Caraval box from Owlcrate? 


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