The Wicked King limited edition box from Owlcrate

I have been a subscriber of Owlcrate’s from the very beginning. I remember that feeling when I received the first box and knew that it was going to be something I kept for a long time. Over three years later here I still am still excited to get my box every month. 

Recently they started putting together limited edition boxes, you don’t have to subscribe to get these boxes. Their first box was for Vengeful by VE Schwab, which I wasn’t able to get sadly. Luckily though I was able to get my hands on the Wicked King box. SPOILER I loved this box and would get another limited edition box from Owlcrate again.

Lets start with the goodies that came in the box:

There were two pins, both gorgeous. I love pins and definitely have a collection that continues to grow. I particularly love the gold pin from That’s Lovely Dear. This pin was a collaboration with Owlcrate and was inspired by the stamping of the hardback of The Cruel Prince. There was also a pin from Little, Brown Publishing. 

We got a decent size wood wick candle from Alchemy and Ink that smells so good, it’s woodsy, musky and overall masculine smelling. I love ie though and the smell is strong enough that I only have to burn it for a little bit before the whole room smells of it. 

This little acorn necklace plays an important role in the first book. They also pay homage to the illustrations of acorns throughout the Cruel Prince. It’s super cute and dainty. I like my bookish jewelry to be understated and this one is just perfect.

Beside the candle, I think the tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, included may be my favorite thing in the box. I love a good blend and this blend of fruit and elderflower seems right up my alley. I can’t wait to brew a pot and give it a try. I’ve had Riddle’s Tea Shoppe before and haven’t been disappointed.

A beautiful gem shaped soap from Leeloo Soaps was included. It’s so pretty and I’m tempted to just save it because it is so pretty. 

Scarves are my go to this time of year and this cotton scarf designed by Bookmark’d Tattoos is a perfect addition to my collection. It’s super light and I’ve even used it as a head scarf to complete an outfit.

One can never have too many pouches. I love using them to organize my backpack and any other bags I use day to day. This one Reverie and Ink is a perfect size and goes really well with the overall box. 

I collect bookmarks just like I collect books. This double-sided one from Indigo Eleven is a welcomed addition to my growing collection. We also have a beautiful art print from Melanie Bourgeois (@meliescribbles). It’s just so good and I plan on adding it to my gallery wall.

When I heard that the cover would match the Owlcrate cover of the Cruel Prince, I knew I had to get my hands on this box. As a book lover, I like my covers to match and this cover of the Wicked King does not disappoint. I plan on rereading The Cruel Prince before getting to The Wicked King. Hopefully, I get to it sooner rather than later.

Overall I enjoyed this box and would get another limited edition box from Owlcrate.

What did you think of this box from Owlcrate and what was your favorite thing included?

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