Books I want to get to in 2019

Picture this a bookshelf just overflowing with books. All these worlds just waiting to be traveled and characters just waiting to be discovered. There are currently so many books that have gone unread on my shelve. In 2019 I want to get to some of them officially and finally get them read. I’m picking 12 books that I want to get to and make the effort to finally get them read. So here are the 12 books I want to read in 2019

The Beer and the Nightingale // Katharine Arden

The Bone Season // Samantha Shannon

The Way of Kings //. Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire // Brandon Sanderson

The Poppy War // RF Kuang

The Philosopher’s Flight // Tom Miller

The Dark Days Club // Alison Goodman

Red Rising // Pierce Brown 

The Girl of Fire and Thorns // Rae Carson

The School of Good and Evil // Soman Chainani

The City of Brass // SA Chakraborty

Jane Steele // Lyndsay Faye

2 thoughts on “Books I want to get to in 2019

  1. I adored The Poppy War so, hopefully you enjoy it when you get to it! Also, Brandon Sanderson is one of the authors I’m going to be making an effort to get to this year, too, so I’m excited to see him listed on yours.


    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sanderson, he seems to be the one a lot of people recommend when reading fantasy. I’m also excited to get to the Poppy War I have a feeling that I’ll be getting to it sooner rather than later.


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